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Paul Rosenich
Paul Rosenich
Rotenbodenstrasse 12
9497 Triesenberg
Liechtenstein (LI)
Tel + 423 265 33 00
Fax + 423 265 33 01

Paul Rosenich, Dipl. Ing. NTB, LLM, European and national (EPO, EUIPO,CH, LI) Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney, Swiss mediator for IP-Disputes; CEO of PPR AG in Triesenberg, Liechtenstein and in Buchs (SG), Switzerland.
Noémi Rosenich-Markó, Dipl. Oec. (BSc), cert. IPR-Expert, Swiss Trademark Attorney, Head of Trademark Department, Authorised Signatory, PPR AG, Buchs (SG), Switzerland.
Cornelis Jojakim Jalink, Dr. Sc. Nat., European and national Patent,Trademark and Design Attorney (EPO, EUIPO, CH,NL, WIPO), PPR AG, Triesenberg, Liechtenstein.
Robert Schwab, Dipl. Ing. Electrical Engineering, Ing. (HTL) Mechanical Engineering, European Patent Attorney, Patent and Trademark Attorney (CH, EPO, WIPO), PPR AG, Triesenberg, Liechtenstein.

PPR AG was established by Paul Rosenich in 1998. The main focus of our work is drafting and filing intellectual property rights (in particular Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Domain Names and Licenses), as well as defending those rights before IP-offices and courts. We also successfully file oppositions, complaints and actions for declaration of invalidity, whilst also successfully defending clients in such actions. Our team covers European Attorneys and Representatives before the Swiss Patent Office (IGE), the German Patent- and Trademark Office (DPMA), the Hungarian Patent Office, the US Patent Office, the Trademark Office in Liechtenstein and the District Court of Liechtenstein.
We represent before the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the European Patent Office (EPO) and cooperate with Patent Attorneys and Attorneys at Law worldwide. We also offer mediation in the field of Intellectual Property in our branch office in Buchs (SG), Switzerland.