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Sebastian Gonzalez Yanes
Sebastian Gonzalez Yanes
Av. Francisco de Miranda, Centro Seguros Sudamérica, Piso 10, Oficina 10-C, El Rosal
1060 Caracas
Venezuela (VE)
Tel +58 212 952 2404
Fax +1 551 305 6464

PARTNELL offers you all the solutions to protect your tangible and intangible assets such as trademarks, patents, and copyrights on a single platform. In addition, our experienced team of lawyers supports you in obtaining the legal authorisations and regulations for importing, exporting, or commercialising products.

PARTNELL is the link between specialists in intellectual property and regulatory matters to provide you with all the options in a single working team.

Feel the closeness of our team of experienced lawyers who are always available, who speak the same language as you and who offer you customised solutions to whatever challenges you may have.

Local Expertise:

Venezuela (VE)