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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Issue 2/19 (February 2019)

Austria Important Amendments to Trademark Act read more

Croatia New Scope of Court Jurisdictions in IP read more

Denmark Trademark Act Changed read more

Hungary Important Amendments to Trademark Law read more

Hungary Official Fee Increase and New Fee Structure read more

Italy Fast Track Filing Procedure Soon read more

Italy Set to Implement EU Trademark Reform Package read more

Lithuania Madrid E-Filing Service Installed read more

Macedonia Change of Name to North Macedonia read more

Mexico First Non-traditional Trademarks Granted read more

Venezuela Requirement for Cryptocurrency for Foreign Applicants read more

Issue 1/19 (January 2019)

Benelux Upcoming Changes to Trademark Laws read more

Czech Republic Important Amendments to Trademark Law read more

EUIPO Brunei Darussalam Joined TMview and DesignView  read more

EUIPO Monaco Joined TMview  read more

Germany German Trademark Law Changed read more

Ireland Trademark Law Amended read more

Lithuania New Regulations for TM Registration in Force read more

Myanmar Trademark Law Enacted read more

New Zealand Trademark Practice Guidelines Updated read more

Slovakia Notification on Common Regulations on Division/Merger of International Registrations read more

Sweden New Trademark Legislation Effective read more

WIPO Notification by SK on Common Regulations on Division/Merger of International Registrations read more

Yemen Official Gazette of One Registry Published read more