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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Issue 5/22 (April 2022)

Cape Verde Accession to Madrid Protocol read more

Chile Accession to Madrid Protocol read more

EUIPO Extension of Time Limits for Ukrainian Parties read more

EUIPO New Examination Guidelines in Force read more

EUIPO Virtual Assistant to Support Online Filings read more

India Trademark Office Accepts Oppositions until End of May 2022 read more

Namibia Declaration of Article 15(5) of Madrid Protocol Withdrawn read more

Russian Federation Future of Foreign IP Rights Uncertain read more

Ukraine Operation of IP Office During State of War read more

WIPO Accession to Madrid Protocol by Cape Verde read more

WIPO Accession to Madrid Protocol by Chile read more

WIPO Declaration of Article 15(5) of Madrid Protocol Withdrawn by Namibia read more

Yemen Official Publication Fees for IP Rights Increased read more

Issue 4/22 (March 2022)

Kuwait New Requirements for Trade Name Registration read more

Singapore Important Changes to IP System read more

South Korea Amendments to Trademark Act read more

Taiwan Draft Amendments to Trademark and Copyright Act Approved read more

Taiwan Online Trademark Registration System Updated read more

Thailand New Trademark Examination Manual Effective read more

United Arab Emirates Publication of Trademark Related Matters in Official Gazette Only read more