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Legal basis is the law of Macau, namely the Industrial Property Code, Decree-Law no. 97/99/M in force since December 13, 1999. Some IP relevant provisions may also be found in the Commercial code and the Copyright Act.
Macao is not a member of the Madrid Agreement or Protocol.
Trademark protection is obtained by registration. Well-known status is recognised but its enforceability is dependent on registration.
Nice classification, 9th edition
Registrable as a trademark are all distinctive and graphically representable signs, three-dimensional forms, sound marks and any combination of the mentioned signs.
The following trademark types are registrable: product marks, service marks, collective marks and certification marks.
The application is filed at the Macau Economic Services - Intellectual Property Department by a local agent.
Multiple-class and series applications are not possible. Separate applications have to be filed for each mark in each class.
Foreign applicants need a local agent.
A signed and notarized power of attorney is required. Legalization is not necessary.
Foreign applicants do not need a domestic registration.
The application process includes a formal examination, an examination of distinctiveness and a search for prior trademarks.
Signs not deemed distinctive in the examination can be registered if distinctiveness has been acquired by use.
Trademark applications accepted by the Registrar are published two (2) times in the official gazette prior to registration. The first publication is merely for publicity purposes and marks the two month term for opposition. The second publications makes known the IP Office's decision to grant/refuse registration after the examination process is concluded.
The approximate time frame for completing the registration process of a trademark in Macao is approximately 6 to 8 months, on the condition that all requirements are met and there is no opposition from third parties..
The opposition period is 2 months from the date of the first publication of the application.
Protection begins with the date of registration. A trademark registration is valid for 7 years from the date of registration. The registration is renewable for periods of 7 years.
The grace period for renewals is 6 months after the due date.

Further practical details are available in our publication on this topic here
If the trademark has not been used in the first three consecutive years from the date of registration (or any consecutive 3-year period thereafter), it may be subject to cancellation.

Further practical details are available in our publication on this topic here
The official application fee is MOP 1,000 (approx. USD 125) for one mark and one class. No publication fee or registration fee is due.

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Practical details on licensing procedures, requirements and effectiveness are available in our publication on this topic here.
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DSL Lawyers

Carlos D. Simões

Carlos D. Simões
Av. da Praia Grande 409, Law Building 16/F
Macau (MO)
Tel + 853 2822 3355
Fax + 853 2872 5588

DSL is one of the leading IP firms in Macau, with lawyers who qualify as pioneers in this area, having been responsible for setting up some of the largest IP portfolios in Macau.

DSL’s IP practice covers the following areas:
- Trademarks
- Litigation
- Enforcement
- Patents & Designs
- Anti-counterfeiting
- Copyrights

With a sound expertise on IP matters and membership of the relevant IP international bodies, our team ensures a high quality and reliable handling of the most complex cases.
Through our extensive network of law offices worldwide and membership of international associations, namely INTA and APAA, our team is able to assist in advising on the legal frame work in other countries and to refer lawyers in other jurisdictions as required.

Services Provided
- Acquiring and maintaining IP rights
- Prosecution and registration procedures
- IPR infringements
- Litigation and enforcement, including oppositions and administrative objections
- Domain names and e-commerce advising
- Patents & design registration
- General advice on IP issues
- Set up of IPR portfolios and advising on IP protection
- Licensing agreements and franchise

Macao Economic Services - Intellectual Property Department
Rua Dr. Pedro José Lobo, 1-3
Luso International Bank Building
Tel +853 28710287
Fax +853 28715291