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Albanian IP Matters

Rruga “Besim Alla” pallati Dilo, shkalla 5, apt. 25
1051 Yzberisht, Tirane
Albania (AL)
Tel +355 67 40 83 530

Albanian IP Matters is a boutique law firm that specializes in prosecution and litigation of the entire spectrum of intellectual property (IP) right, as well as in marketing law. We operate within the Albanian co-speaking region, which includes Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia. From our central office in Tirana, Albania, we coordinate all regional projects done at local level, ensuring you receive expert legal advice tailored to your local preference.

Our aim is to assist you in exploiting your IPR within the revitalized region. Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia have now embarked on a vigorous process of integrating into the European Union (EU), a process requiring these countries to ensure a level of IP protection equal to that of the EU.

Equipped with broad expertise in the IP field, education in west and the proper understanding of the regional business climate position us particularly well to accomplish this mission.
We give your IP right the value it deserves!

Local Expertise:

Albania (AL)