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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Sep 02, 2015 (Newsletter Issue 13/15)
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Several IP Legislative Acts Amended

The State Agency on Intellectual Property announced on its website that amendments and additions to certain legislative acts in the field of intellectual property have been adopted in the Republic of Moldova on July 30, 2015, namely:

- Law No. 38-XVI of 29 February 2008 on the Protection of Trademarks;
- Law No.161-XVI of 12 July 2007 on the Protection of Industrial Designs;
- Law No. 39-XVI of 29 February 2008 on the Protection of Plant Varieties

The Law on Protection of Trademarks has been amended. It is now possible to register holograms, position, smell, touch and sound designations as a trademark. Also, amendments have been made concerning absolute and relative grounds for refusal, limitation of the exclusive right, rejection of the trade mark registration application and renewal of trademark registration, etc.

Further, the Law on the Protection of Industrial Designs has been amended. Some procedural aspects, in particular, concerning the filing of ID registration application, examination, withdrawal and renewal of registration has been modified.

Also, the Law on the Protection of Plant Varieties has been adjusted. In particular, the limitation of the right to the plant variety patent, use of the variety denomination and its amendment.