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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Jul 14, 2015 (Newsletter Issue 11/15)
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Official Fees Increased/New Rules on Deadlines

The French National Trademark Office (INPI) increased the following official fees for some trademarks procedures since July 1, 2015.

The new official fee
- for a paper trademark application of up to three classes is now EUR 250 (instead of EUR 225)
- for a trademark application via e-filing of up to three classes is now EUR 210 € (instead of EUR 200)
- for a trademark renewal of up to three classes is now EUR 250 (instead of EUR 240)
- per additional class of goods/services (either for filing or renewal) is now EUR 42 (instead of EUR 40)
- for the amendment of a clerical error on a trademark is now EUR 104 (instead of EUR 100)
- for filing an opposition against a trademark is now EUR 325 (instead of EUR 310)

Further, a new Decree No 2015-511 of May 7, 2015 has been published in the Official Journal of May 8, 2015. The said Decree lists new rules on deadlines especially with trademarks, i.e.:
- The French TM Office (INPI) is now required to act within a period of six months from the filing of the application (filing or renewal).
- In the absence of an express decision within this period of 6 months, the application (filing or renewal) shall be deemed rejected.
- These provisions apply to all applications including the pending ones.

Source: Inlex IP Expertise, France