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Jun 30, 2015 (Newsletter Issue 10/15)
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New Online Filing System Mandatory

Since May 18, 2015, it has been mandatory to file applications for patents for industrial inventions, utility models, designs, company trademarks, and Italian portions of granted European patents using only the new centralized portal set up by the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (IPTO). It is therefore no longer possible to file such applications on the telematic platform used up to now. If they are filed with the Chambers of Commerce, acting as branch offices of the IPTO, then the Chambers of Commerce will submit the applications using the new, centralized portal.

For the first few days of using the new filing system – as was to be expected – there have been some difficulties, and a number of areas need to be improved or changed. The IPTO, in any case, is in continual contact with firms working in the sector and despite the short period that has elapsed since the new procedure was rolled out, many problems have already been resolved and the new system is now even more usable and reliable.

Also, payment of the fees and dues can no longer be made with postal orders, but exclusively with online payments.

Source: Modiano & Partner, Italy