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Mrz 31, 2015 (Newsletter Issue 5/15)
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E-Services Now Available

ARIPO has implemented the web based Intellectual Property Administration System (POLite+, the ICT Infrastructure Modernization Project for ARIPO and its Member States, sponsored by KOICA, a development Organization of the Republic of Korea).

When fully functional, the system will enable users to file patent, trademark, utility model and design applications and also conduct searches on-line.

The overall system will consist of:
Online Services (
This is a public service module where members of the public can access online services like Quick Search, Advanced Search, IP Forms, Journals etc without having to register with ARIPO.

Though on the same page as public areas, this is a members-only area where members will require registration and acceptance by ARIPO. This facility allows for online filing of IP files, online payment of fees, sending and receiving notifications and general tracking of filed applications.

The system has been available since March 9, 2015. However, available menus at the moment are the following:

- Sign Up
- IP Digital Library
- Information
- Fee Schedule
- User Guide

To enter the system, please click here