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Dez 09, 2014 (Newsletter Issue 19/14)
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Changes to International Registration Procedures

The Benelux Intellectual Property Office (BOIP) has announced on its website that several changes to international trademark registration procedures enters into force on 1 December 2014.

These changes have arisen as a result of the BOIP's decision to no longer process requests for modifications, territorial extensions and the renewal of international trademark registrations. Most of the procedures relating to the international register are automated. The BOIP's involvement is not necessary, and may even be inefficient and delay the process. Applications for the above should be submitted directly to WIPO's website effective 1 December 2014 by completing one of the online forms.

There are, however, cases in which intervention by BOIP is necessary. This is the case for cancellations ordered by a court and for modifications (transfers, licenses, rights of pledge and attachments) that are requested by a party other than the registered holder. Such requests, which are in any case exceptional, must be filed via BOIP.

The appropriate WIPO form needs to be completed and must be sent to BOIP (preferably using our contact form), together with the necessary supporting documents and an explicit statement that due to the nature of the request it cannot be submitted directly to WIPO.

Trademark holders will still be able to find all the relevant information about renewals, modifications and the extension of your international registration, including direct links to the relevant WIPO services, on the BOIP's website.

BOIP's Information Centre can be contacted in case of questions.