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Jul 22, 2014 (Newsletter Issue 12/14)
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E-Subsequent Designation Now Available

With e-subsequent designation, WIPO announced a new web based tool which can be found on The new web based tool is based upon a smart form approach, where most mandatory data elements are provided automatically by the system.

All that is needed is to enter an international registration number, select the Contracting Party or Parties subject of the subsequent designation, indicate the goods and services (all or some only of the goods and services covered by the international registration) and pay the fee online, by credit card or through a WIPO current account.

Users will receive immediately an acknowledgement of receipt, through a confirmation screen which is followed by an e mail.

It is still necessary to use the paper form MM4, Designation Subsequent to the International Registration, where the holder or his representative
- wishes to include certain miscellaneous indications that were not provided in the international application, such as the legal nature of an entity or a translation of the mark;
- requests that the subsequent designation be recorded only after the recording of a renewal or a change, such as a partial cancellation;
- wants, at the same time, to appoint a representative or to subscribe to e communications;
– must present the subsequent designation through the Office of the Contracting Party of the holder (where Algeria is subsequently designated or is the Office of the Contracting Party of the holder).

Moreover, where the subsequent designation results from conversion, it is still necessary to use the paper form MM16 Subsequent Designation Resulting from Conversion (European Union).

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