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Jun 10, 2014 (Newsletter Issue 9/14)
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E-Filing Now Available

The Irish Patents Office announced the launch of their new Trade Mark e-filing facility since 8 April 2014.

This is the latest addition to the suite of interactive online services which already facilitates online searching of national patent and trade mark databases and registers, links which facilitate quick searching of European patent and trade mark registers and databases of the EPO, OHIM and WIPO and includes online searching of the Office’s Official Journal and online payment of a range of statutory fees.

The introduction of electronic filing of trade mark applications will make for greater efficiency on the part of applicants for trade mark registration and will facilitate a speedier and more effective paperless processing of applications by the Office.

The Office’s new e-filing system introduces an easy to navigate application form and makes provision for the uploading of figurative marks in Jpeg format. The e-filing functionality also facilitates the electronic payment of the trade mark application fee by credit or debit card.

Automatic error checking helps ensure that users input the correct data, a fee counter provides information on the cost of the application and the submission process is straightforward and results in an online confirmation receipt that includes a provisionsal application number which can be printed or saved. In addition the TMclass classification tool has been integrated into the ‘Goods and Services’ section of the online application form. This feature allows trade mark applicants to choose pre-approved terms of goods and services which are acceptable to the Office and will further streamline the examination process.

The e-filing system can be accessed here.