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Mai 16, 2014 (Newsletter Issue 8/14)
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Change of Practice

The Venezuelan Patent and Trademark Office (VPTO) has published in the Bulletin No. 546 dated 9 April 2014 three Official Notices of relevant content:

1) Oppositions to TM Applications
The VPTO established that oppositions against the registration of a trademark application may be filed on the basis of (i) the grounds for non-registrability provided in articles 33, 34 and 35 of the current local IP legislation, (ii) on the grounds for absolute non-registrability referred to public policy, or (iii) on the grounds that third parties rights are affected based on prior applications and registrations.

2) Spanish sworn translation of documents
Trademark applicants are reminded that all documentation issued by a personal or legal foreign entity, public or private, must be translated into Spanish by a Venezuelan sworn translator. Simple and non-certified translations of Power of Attorney, Assignment or priority documents will not be accepted.

3) Change of owner regarding pending applications
As of 9 April 2014, it is again possible (as it was under the former Andean Legislation) to file a change of owner (applicant) for a pending Patent and Trademark application. In case of an assignment, it will be specifically required that the assignor assigns the priority filing rights of the pending applications involved in the transfer.

Source: Citemark International IP, Venezuela