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Nov 18, 2013 (Newsletter Issue 16/13)
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Official Publication Fees Reduced

On August 26, 2013 the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Safety assumed the administration of the Chilean Official Gazette and published on the same date a new price list for publication services provided by the Official Gazette. The prices are calculated over the basis of certain fixed rates plus a variable amount calculated on a "per character basis". There was a decrease in the gross "per character" price from CLP 33 to CLP 19 (to the final price -fixed fees plus variable fees- a 19% VAT has to be added when the service is actually requested). This change implies roughly a 45% price reduction in all publications made in the Chilean Official Gazette.

Since all trademark and patent applications are subject to a mandatory publication for pre-grant opposition purposes during the first stages of the application proceedings, this general price reduction has had an impact in publication fees applicable to industrial property rights (IPR) applications. The Chilean National Industrial Property Institute (INAPI) through a press release issued on October 9, 2013 praised the measure which, as previously explained, accounts for nearly a 45% reduction in publication expenses for abstracts on IPR applications prosecuted before INAPI, as the same reduces overall costs for the registration of trademarks in Chile thus aligning with the ultimate goal of INAPI of promoting and developing the protection of IPRs in Chile.

Source: Baker & McKenzie, Chile