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Nov 18, 2013 (Newsletter Issue 16/13)
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E-Filing System Completed

The Iranian Industrial Property Office (IIPO) has developed the e-filing system for trademarks, patents, and industrial designs.

Article 167 of the by-law of Patents, Industrial Designs, and Trademarks Act has stipulated that the Registration Authority is required to provide all necessary infrastructures in order to facilitate electronic filing in all the steps of the trademark, patent, and industrial design registrations for both national and international applicants.
Following this guideline, the IIPO launched a website to accept all applications for patent and industrial design registrations since June 2012.

In the second stage of this project, in November of the same year, the portal was developed to accept all applications for trademark registrations and the follow-up process. At this point, the Trademarks Office no longer accepts applications manually and in person; all applicants are required to submit their trademark application electronically and through the website.

In the early stages of this project only a few steps were handled electronically, i.e., initial submitting of the application, announcement, and publication; however, the system was improved during the following months, and now all objections, either objection to a trademark, patent, and industrial design application refusal, or opposition against a trademark application, must be submitted electronically as well.

At this time the development is completed. The whole process of IP registration can and should be filed electronically.

Source: Hossein Badamchi, Ph.D., Reza Badamchi & Associates, Tehran, Iran