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Okt 01, 2013 (Newsletter Issue 14/13)
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Information Required when Effecting Payment

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) informs about their payment instructions in order to allocate the payment to its corresponding request.

The following information are required when effecting payment:
- name and address of the natural person or the legal entity making the payment;
- official form related to the request for which payment is being made (e.g. MM2);
- international registration or, where applicable, basic registration or application number;
- mark or, where applicable, verbal elements of the mark;
- name of the holder, where different from the natural person or the legal entity making the payment.

Where payment concerns more than one request, users are asked to send a communication to the following address:, with a list of all the said requests and the amount being paid for each of them.

A payment order form is available. The payment needs to include all additional bank charges. An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent out within 10 days from such receipt. If the aforementioned acknowledgement is not received within the said period, WIPO needs to be informed via

Information on payment methods can be found here