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Jan 18, 2013 (Newsletter Issue 1/13)
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New Formalities Practice

The Swedish Patent and Registration office (PRV) has started to apply a new practice concerning the examination of formalities in matters related to trademark- and industrial design cases as of October 1, 2012. In most cases signatures in original hand-writing will no longer be required. Furthermore, authorization of signatures will only be examined in doubt of their veracity. PRV will normally accept replies to office actions filed by electronic means and should be sent to

There will be a change in the demand of original signature concerning trademark- and design cases. Certified copies will be accepted but there is no demand for seals, stamps or certification by a Notary Public. A confirmation in hand writing is sufficient, together with the name in printed or block letters. Furthermore fax and e-mail of scanned documents containing a signature in original will normally be treated as certified copies.

The new practice pertains to applications, withdrawals, letters of consent, legal documents/deeds filed in support of applications for the recordal of transfers, licenses, pledges. Appeals will also be accepted for the purpose of a filing date, however, a signature in original hand-writing will be subsequently be required by PBR (the Count of Patent Appeals) before final trial of the appeal.
The requirement for submission of a document in original will remain concerning powers of attorney.

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