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Dez 04, 2012 (Newsletter Issue 18/12)
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Trademark Electronic Application System Launched

The Iranian Trade Marks Registry launched a system for electronic trade mark application system on November 18, 2012. This development follows successful inauguration of electronic application for patents and industrial designs a few months ago.

Currently, the Trade Marks, Patents and Industrial Design Registries only accepts electronic filing of applications. There have been no changes in filing procedures or formalities requirement, but a new application number format will be assigned automatically by the electronic application system. The original supporting documents (i.e. power of attorney, applicant’s incorporation document) are still required to be submitted to the Office in hard copy.

The electronic platform for filing of trade mark applications and workflow system is available at The platform is only designed in Persian and no English version is available yet.

The system provides for examination, correspondence, publication and registration procedures electronically. However, the opposition, hearing, renewal, assignment and license recordation procedures are handled as before.

The electronic platforms for filing of patent and industrial design applications and workflow system are available only in Persian at the same address at

The Iranian Industrial Property Office is gradually shifting to a completely paperless office in a phased manner during the next years.

Source: Raysan Patent & Trademark Agents, UK