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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Feb 18, 2013 (Newsletter Issue 2/13)
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Official Fees Increased

The Ministers Cabinet in West Bank of Palestinian National Authority has issued new Regulations amending the Trademarks Law No. 1 of the year 1952 (Jordanian law which applied in West Bank) and to be read along with the same, whereby Article 3 of the aforementioned Regulations has been amended, on 28 August 2012.

The new Regulations stipulated an increase in the official fees stated in Article 3 of the Trademarks Regulations No. 1 of the year 1952, and which should be paid to the West Bank Trademarks Office for filing, publication, registration, renewal, recordals, oppositions and cancellation services.

The new official fees list for trademarks services adopted by the West Bank Government on September 3, 2012 became effective as of January 20, 2013.

The official fee for filing a trademark is now USD 115.00 for each class. The official fee for registration is USD 70.00 and for publication USD 30.00.

Source: JAH & Co. IP, Doha, Qatar and A. F. & R. Shehadeh Law Firm, Palestinian Territory