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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Sep 02, 2012 (Newsletter Issue 13/12)
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New Industrial Property Law

Law No. 290/2012 has been enforced in Cuba on April 1, 2012. The law is e.g. covering Patents, introducing Utility Models, changing the definition of industrial models/designs.

A brief summary of the changes introduced by the new law are:

- It is now possible to seek protection for utility models.
- Patent applications will be published in order to enable third parties to file oppositions.
- Patents can only refer to products and to processes.
- The definition of what is considered an invention has been changed.
- The subject matter excluded from patentability as well as what is considered a patentable microorganism have been defined in more detail.
- Patents will have the duration of 20 years counted as from filing date. This is also valid for patents that were still in force in January 2005. The Cuban Patent Office has already started issuing Patent Certificates containing the new duration for patents granted under the former law.
- Inventors' Certificates will be transformed into patents in those cases in which the subject matter allows it.

The new law also contains a clear difference of what can be protected as industrial model and what as a design, as well as a detailed description of proceedings, which include publication in order to allow third parties to file oppositions, examination, and payment of annuities.

Source: Moeller IP Advisors, Argentina