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Apr 17, 2012 (Newsletter Issue 6/12)
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Patent Authority Begins Examining PCT Applications

On April 4 it was announced that beginning June 1, 2012, Israeli applicants for PCT applications will be able to designate the Israel Patent Authority as an International Search and Examination Authority (ISEA).

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) decided to recognize the Israel Patent Authority as an ISEA in 2009. Since then significant preparations to implement this decision have been in progress. These include hiring additional patent examiners, training them to examine in accordance with PCT requirements, upgrading the computer and communications systems, and enacting the necessary legislation.

Official fees for performing search and examination have not been announced by the Patent Authority but they are expected to be lower than those presently paid by Israeli applicants to either the United States Patent & Trademark Office or the European Patent Office.

At first, the designation of the Israel Patent Authority as the ISEA in an international application will be available only to Israeli applicants. After an initial period it will also become available to applicants from other countries, subject to appropriate bilateral agreements.

Source: JMB Davis Ben-David, Israel