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Dez 01, 2011 (Newsletter Issue 14/11)
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Serbian Trademarks Included in Search Reports

The search reports provided by Intellectual Property Office of Montenegro (IPO) include Serbian trademarks registered before the IPO of Serbia prior to May 28, 2008. Therefore, no additional search needs to be conducted before the Serbian IPO.
However, the report includes Serbian trademarks that may not be re-registered or filed for re-registration in Montenegro. No further information is provided by the Montenegrin IPO as to the status of those marks in Montenegro. Therefore, whereas some of those marks may be real obstacles if they were filed for re-registration in Montenegro, others may not become such an obstacle if their owners do not file for re-registration in Montenegro before December 16, 2011. The situation will be clear by the end of re-registration period.

Source: PETOSEVIC Montenegro