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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Mai 01, 2024
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New Trademark Registration Formalities Effective

On 14 February 2024, the Libyan Ministry of Economy and Trade announced important changes to the trademark registration procedures, which will be enforced starting 1 May 2024. The new regulations include the following key points:

1) Powers of Attorney (POA) used for trademark prosecution will now have a validity period of one year from the signing date.

2) Documents that have been legalized outside of Libya must be further attested by the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Collaboration to confirm the authenticity of consulate legalizations.

3) Applicants for new trademark registrations must provide an extract from the commercial register, a certificate of incorporation, or any similar document that verifies the legal existence of the company. This documentation, issued no more than one year prior to the trademark action, must also include an Arabic translation.

4) Applications for trademark assignment and other actions related to post-registration records must include the original required documents, also accompanied by their Arabic translations.

5) Trademark owners are highly recommended to use any existing POAs and trade licenses, particularly those executed before 1 May 2023, to avoid the necessity of generating new documentation under the updated guidelines.

These updates are designed to enhance the efficiency and legal conformity of the trademark registration process in Libya.