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Mai 06, 2024 (Newsletter Issue 3/24)
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Number of Trademark Applications Increased by 55%

In 2023, the number of applications for trademarks under the national procedure increased by 55.4% in Ukraine.

First of all, this is due to the activity of national applicants, who applied by 31.7% more compared to the previous year. Foreign applicants submitted only by 18.2% more applications than in 2022.

Thus, the share of foreign applicants decreased to 10.9%.

The most active foreign applicants are the USA and Cyprus. A significant number of applications derive from Switzerland, Great Britain, China, and Germany.

In general, in 2023, more than 25,000 applications for new trademarks were submitted.

The total number of applications for all objects of intellectual property law reached 32,759 in 2023, which is 47.6% more than in 2022. Trademarks showed the greatest growth, while patents for inventions showed the least (growth of 5.5%).