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Mai 06, 2024 (Newsletter Issue 3/24)
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Official Fees Increased

The Turkish Patent Office has unexpectedly announced a new increase in the official fees as of April 24, 2024 for trademarks, patents, designs etc. Usually all the increases are announced at the beginning of each year. Because of the change of the Chairman of the Office and internal amendments, only inflation rates were reflected to the official fees at the beginning of the new year. Now, the final official fees were announced.

As an important update, new items in the official fees have been introduced, namely;

- Trademark Cancellation Fee: TRY 19,600.00
- Fee for Accelerated Search in Patent Applications: TRY 5,770.00

The Trademark Cancellation Fee was introduced because of the new practice for institutional cancellation of trademarks based on non-use. TURKPATENT is now expected to handle those cases in accordance with Art. 26 of IP Law No 6769.

Some other important trademark fees are summarized below:

- Application in one class: 1,630 TRY
- Additional class: 1,630 TRY
- Each additional class (3rd and subsequent classes): 1,810 TRY
- Fee for grant: 4,020 TRY
- Renewal of a trademark: 5,010 TRY
- Opposition: 1,510

A complete list of the official fees can be found on the website of TURKPATENT.