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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Okt 18, 2023

Protection of Geographical Indication Extended

On 16 November, the Regulation on GI protection for craft and industrial products (CIGIR) entered into force.

The main goal of this law is to create a unified EU-wide protection system that preserves the names of regionally acclaimed crafts and industrial products like glass, lace, or natural stones. This protection aims to safeguard traditional know-how and cultural heritage. Furthermore, the regulation will bring consistency to the various national frameworks that have historically managed the registration, validation, and enforcement of geographical indications. The new system will provide a level of protection for GIs of non-agricultural products, considering the distinct nature of craft and industrial items.

The new system will be applicable from 1 December 2025. From this date, it will be possible to apply for registration of a GI. Existing national rights will cease to exist one year after, on 2 December 2026.

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