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Okt 10, 2023 (Newsletter Issue 8/23)
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Key Changes in IP Filing System

As part of its continual work to improve Indonesia’s intellectual property (IP) e-filing system, the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) makes regular updates and upgrades to the system.

Below is a summary of some key changes and updated requirements for trademark applications using the IP e-filing system.

- Applicants must choose their desired goods and services from the list, and the wording used in the provided list is not editable. The DGIP frequently updates the list of goods and services, but there is no regular schedule for the updates to this database. It is very difficult to request the addition of goods or services to the list, especially if a similar alternative exists. Therefore, it is crucial for applicants to decide on the goods or services to indicate in the application as soon as possible before the list is updated, as goods and services are sometimes deleted from the list.

- Once the government fee is paid, the goods or services that have been chosen cannot be amended, even if the application has not yet been submitted.

- If a trademark registration is in the renewal grace period (i.e., the period after its expiration date during which it can still be renewed), it is not possible to submit any recordal of name change, address change, or assignment.

In recent months, there have been changes regarding the IP filing system for designs and patents as well. For further details, please click here.