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Okt 06, 2022 (Newsletter Issue 14/22)
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Further Declarations of Intention to Use for Intl. Registrations Designating Cape Verde

On 21 September 2022, WIPO informs that the Office of Cabo Verde has provided information on the requirement to file further declarations of intention to use a mark that is the subject of an international registration designating Cabo Verde.

As indicated in Information Notice No. 22/2022, by designating Cabo Verde, the applicant or holder declares an intention to use the mark in this country, in connection with the goods and services identified in the international application or subsequent designation, as the case may be.

In addition, holders must submit further declarations of intention to use the mark directly to the Office of Cabo Verde by using the prescribed form in Portuguese and paying the required fee. Such declaration must be submitted by the holder’s authorized representative, who must be domiciled in Cabo Verde.

Holders must present the declaration within five years from the date on which the Office of Cabo Verde granted protection to the mark in the international registration, that is, from the date of the statement that grants protection to the mark, issued by the Office of Cabo Verde in accordance with Rule 18ter of the Regulations under the Madrid Protocol. Holders must present additional declarations every five years thereafter.

Holders may file such declaration six months before the above-mentioned anniversaries, but no later than six months after the said anniversaries.

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