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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Jul 27, 2022 (Newsletter Issue 10/22)
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Change of Practice

As of 31 March 2022, the Nicaraguan Trademark Office has lifted the COVID 19 flexibility for filing documents without complete legalization and now requires that all documents must be presented duly certified by Apostille or consular means. In the case of a document in a foreign language, it is also required its official translation into Spanish before a Nicaraguan notary public.

Furthermore, according to current practice at the Nicaraguan Trademark Office, the following information must be provided at the time of filing or during the course of the trademark registration procedure (applies for corporations or other entities):

- The number and date of registration of the company.

This requirement will only apply in cases of trademark applications, including new applications as well as those that are already under process, and will not be required for any other types of procedures such as renewals or assignment recordals, etc.

The requirement can be fulfilled by various means such as:
a) with the filing of a brief document in which the information is included;
b) the inclusion of the information in the trademark registration application form;
c) the inclusion of the information through the powers granted to local agents.

For applications that are already under process and for which the required information has not yet been submitted, the Trademark Office will issue an individual notification for each case requesting the submission of the information with a term of 15 business days.

Source: Guy José Bendaña-Guerrero & Asociados