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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Mrz 31, 2022 (Newsletter Issue 4/22)
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Important Changes to IP System

On January 12, 2022, Singapore’s Parliament approved the Intellectual Property (Amendment) Bill 2021 to improve the intellectual property systems by enhancing business-friendliness, operational efficiency, and legislative and procedural clarity. It affects the Trade Marks Act, Registered Designs Act, Geographical Indications Act and Plant Varieties Protection Act. It is expected to be implemented in May 2022.

Key changes for trademarks are the following:
- Partial acceptance for national trademark applications will be permitted. This amendment will expedite the progress of applications that only face objections in relation to some of the goods or services claimed. This also aligns the practice in place for international applications designating Singapore.
- The time frame to "revive" applications that have been treated as withdrawn will be shortened from six months to two months. By this, applications will have a greater incentive to carefully monitor and act before the relevant deadlines. It also benefits prospective applicants that are waiting for the removal of earlier marks on the Register.
- The meaning of "earlier trademark" in the context of citation objections will be clarified to include expired marks that remain eligible for renewal or restoration.
- An opposition procedure for requests for correction of errors in applications or registrations concerning third parties (e.g., errors relating to the applicant's, proprietor's or priority details).

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