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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Dez 02, 2021 (Newsletter Issue 17/21 )
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Trademark Law Amended

On August 20, 2021, Uzbekistan adopted amendments to the Law on Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin.

Important novelties are the following:
- Expedited examination of trademark applications:
Expedited examination of applications should be completed within one month from the formal examination decision date. Expedited examination is an alternative to regular substantive examination. A request for expedited examination must be filed and additional fees apply. In addition, the applicant must order a trademark availability search.
- Third-party observations:
The Intellectual Property Agency (IPO) is required to publish information on new trademark filings on its official website within one working day from the application filing date. Interested parties may then submit written observations against filed applications.
- Exclusive trademark rights starting from the registration date:
The information about a trademark registration is recorded in the IPO’s register and published on the IPO’s website on the date of trademark registration. Previously, it was unclear whether trademark rights started on the date of publication or on the date of registration.

The amendments entered into force on August 21, 2021.

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