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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Dez 02, 2021 (Newsletter Issue 17/21 )
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New Requirements when Applying for Well-known Trademark Status

China’s National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) introduced a new requirement for applying for well-known trademark status from September 1, 2021. Applicants are required to submit a commitment letter in which they provide assurance that there is no malicious conspiracy or other dishonest acts with another party and that there is no other illegal means to defraud the protection of well-known trademarks.

In addition, applicants must also promise that the relevant information and evidence submitted in the opposition/review of opposition/invalidation actions is legitimate, accurate and complete. They must attest that the documents have not been falsified by e.g., forgery, alteration, concealing evidence, or instigating, bribery or coercion to commit perjury.

Further, the commitment letter must be signed by both the applicant and the representing trademark attorney.

For more information on the notice, please click here (Chinese only).