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Okt 20, 2021 (Newsletter Issue 15/21)
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Administrative Fees in National Proceedings before IP Office Abolished

In the Republic of Croatia, administrative fees in proceedings before the IP Office are no longer charged as of June 24, 2021. At this date, the Act on the Fees in the Field of Intellectual Property, published in the “Official Gazette” No. 66/2021 on June 16, 2021, came into effect. The purpose of the Act is to harmonise with the obligations from international agreements and to implement an Action Plan for reduction of non-tax and fiscal levies adopted by the Government on May 7, 2020.

Initiated proceedings, where obligations to pay fees incurred or were due by June 24, 2021, that have not been settled, are charged according to the regulation in force at the time of the obligation. The reimbursement of special costs and costs for the provision of Information services is not changed by the new regulation.

Fees/charges prescribed by international organisations, which are paid in international procedures for the grant of industrial property, do not change.