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Sep 09, 2021 (Newsletter Issue 14/21)
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New Regulation of Product Labelling

As of April 30, 2021, a new regulation of product labelling is in force in Argentina. Resolution 283/2021 of the Ministry of Internal Trade, published in the Official Gazette on March 31, 2021, creates a Sign and Label Inspection System (SiFiRE in Spanish) to strengthen consumer protection measures.

The aim of the measure is to prevent misleading information on the signs or labels of certain products, while ensuring fair competition and transparency between the different goods available on the shelves.

The measure applies to the signs and labels of products released on the market in Argentina on food, beverages, drinkable food, hygiene products, perfumery, personal care and domestic cleaning suitable for human consumption and handling.

Manufacturer, importer and/or distributor of said products must submit the signs and labels to the inspection procedure at the Undersecretariat for Internal Trade prior to their marketing. Said signs and labels may not contain information about offers, promotions or discounts that cannot be guaranteed in the subsequent marketing.

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