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Sep 10, 2020 (Newsletter Issue 14/20)
United Kingdom
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Update on Comparable UK Trademarks

The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has informed the Anti-Counterfeiting Group of some practical steps on administration of trademarks and designs during and post BREXIT. IPO will issue a comparable UK registered trademark for each current EU registered trademark after IP Completion Day on December 31, 2020. Over two million new UK trademarks and designs will be created by this.

The following guidance has been outlined:
- IPO will publish a general website notice at the end of the transition period, in all EU languages, informing rights holders that they now own a UK right trademark.
- IPO does not plan to send rights holders individual lists of the new UK trademarks that they will own.
- Each new UK trademark will be numbered with an identical registration number as the related EU trademark it is granted from, but it shall be prefixed with “009”.
- IPO will not send certificates to rights owners of new rights. Rights holders can print out details of trademarks from the IPO searchable database if they need a record of their new rights.

The full Anti-Counterfeiting Group update can be seen here