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Mai 14, 2020 (Newsletter Issue 7/20)
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Electronic Procedures by IP Office Allowed

On April 24, 2020, the Venezuelan Registry Office (SAPI) made the following decisions in an Official Notice:

a) Starting on April 27, 2020, and until the Government lifts the obligatory quarantine generated by the COVID-19, only the following procedures can be submitted electronically: Applications for registration of distinctive signs, patent applications, assignments, mergers, name and address changes.

All essential documentation that must be filed at the time of the applications must also be submitted in electronic format, complying with the formalities of law. Such documentation includes apostilles, certifications and authentications, with the commitment to present the originals documentation once the obligatory quarantine has been lifted.

b) All terms of the official bulletins that were valid on the date the obligatory quarantine was declared, remain suspended, and payments will only be accepted for publication orders in press and concessions that have been notified in said bulletins.

The Official Notice does not contain any reference to the submission of documents relating to cases prior to the obligatory quarantine; therefore these should only be presented when compulsory quarantine is lifted.