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Apr 30, 2020 (Newsletter Issue 6/20)
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New Functionalities of EUIPO Guidelines Extended

EUIPO informs that the EUIPO Guidelines for Examination of EUTMs and RCDshere in electronic format have been enhanced with new functionalities.

Among the improvements, an advanced search function and the possibility to download a PDF on Part and Section level have been made available.
An advanced search function has been made available to allow users to better define searches. It is now possible to search in the entire Trade Mark or Design Guidelines publication, in a specific Part, or in a specific Section. The term searched for (or its linguistic variant) is now highlighted in the list of search results.

Part and Section-level PDFs have also been made available to download from the Guidelines. The type of PDF that will open depends on and recognises the following:
a) in which publication (Trade Mark Guidelines or Design Guidelines) you are browsing;
b) in which edition you are browsing (2017, 2020);
c) where in the Guidelines you have navigated to (which Part or Section);
d) in which language you are browsing, and
e) whether you have ‘Show modifications’ turned on or off; either a ‘clean’ version or a version with tracked changes will open.

More detailed information is available via the updated tutorial here