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Dez 07, 2009 (Newsletter Issue 5/09)
Russian Federation
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Priority Registration of Cyrillic Domain Names Started

On November 25th, 2009, priority registration started for Cyrillic domain names in the name of trademark owners.

Domain name in the Top Level Domain .rf can consist of the symbols of Cyrillic alphabet, figures, hyphen; it also shall reproduce a trademark registered in the Russian Federation via national or international procedures. The trademark which is a basis for the domain name in .rf TLD also shall be in Cyrillic and be valid on the date of filing a domain name application with the Russian Naming Authority.

The domain name application shall be supplemented with
- copy of trademark certificate (if the applicant refers to International Registration, it is necessary to file a certificate confirming that it is valid in Russia);
- copy of the legal entity or entrepreneur registration certificate.

Documents shall be stamped with company seal, if any.

Priority registration of Cyrillic domain name ends on March 25th, 2010.