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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Feb 20, 2020 (Newsletter Issue 2/20)
New Zealand
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Changes to Grace Period / Official Fees Reduced

The New Zealand Trade Marks Act 2002 was amended by the Regulatory Systems (Economic Development) Amendment Act 2019, which has commenced as of 13 January 2020. The amendments bring changes to the grace period for trademark renewals and official fees.

For trademarks due for renewal on or after 13 February 2020, the grace period for renewal is now 6 months from the expiry date.

For trademarks due for renewal before 13 February 2020, the grace period for renewal will continue to be one year from the expiry date.

Further, the status for trademark registrations that are not renewed by their renewal due date has been changed to ‘Registered - past expiry date’. This will replace the old ‘Expired but restorable’ status.

Additional to that, the official fees for filing a trademark application have been reduced. It is now NZD 100 per class instead of NZD 150. The renewal fee of a trademark registration has also been reduced from NZD 350 to NZD 200 per class.

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