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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Sep 05, 2019 (Newsletter Issue 12/19)
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Regulations on Procedure for Examination of Appeal and Cancellation Petitions Amended

Section 96 of the Trademark Act empowers the Thai Trademark Appeal Board (TTAB) to examine all appeals and cancellation petitions filed under the Act. The TTAB’s duties and powers regarding examination of appeals are regulated by various versions of the TTAB’s Regulations on the Procedure for Examination of Appeal and Cancellation Petitions. On 25 March 2019, a new edition of the Regulations came into force.

Procedural Changes:
- The Regulations will eliminate former appeal submission requirements that 19 copies of an appeal be submitted, replacing it with just one copy.
- Evidence accompanying appeals are required to be filed in only one copy as before.
- Section 10 of the new Regulations demands that a comprehensive List of Evidence be submitted along with each appeal, and that all document copies submitted as appeal evidence be certified correct by the applicant or its authorized agent.
- Section 11 requires that all foreign-language documents be translated into Thai before submission, and that such translation be duly certified as correct by the translator.

Further, the TTAB, under Section 12 of the Regulations, is now authorised to substitute grounds of rejection during its examination of an appeal and can review the Trademark Registrar’s decisions.

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