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Mrz 18, 2011 (Newsletter Issue 5/11)
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Bail–out Measures

The Japanese Patent Office (JPO) is informing about the following actions and bail-out measures due to the natural disaster that occured on March 11th, 2011 in Japan.

1. Requests for assistance to IP Offices in various countries/regions
JPO has made requests to all the IP Offices in countries and regions where applications were filled over the last three years from Japan (a total of 90 Offices and institutions) to take bail-out measures on legal period etc. for the Japanese applicants and agents who were not able to carry out the prescribed procedures or contact the Offices due to the Earthquake.

2. Collecting and disclosing information on bail-out measures
JPO has collected information on the bail-out measures for earthquake disasters available in IP Offices in various countries/regions. The information on bail-out measures announced by IP Offices in response to JPO’s request and the information is posted on the JPO website and updated as needed. Please refer to the link below for carrying out procedures regarding foreign applications.

The JPO is still accepting electronic applications as usual. Clients who are unable to file electronic applications due to the Earthquake can carry out the Emergency Procedures (excluding PCT international applications) in Japanese only.

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