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Mrz 15, 2018 (Newsletter Issue 5/18)
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Electronic Management for New Trademarks and Register Changes

The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) informs that the Trademark Division will introduce the electronic management for Swiss trademarks as from March 2018.

This applies to all new trademark applications (indicated by the application numbers >70,000) as well as all register changes to registered trademarks.

Some of the minor changes can be seen below:
- Express fees cannot be paid online anymore.
- Payment requests are only sent to the address of service, it is no longer possible to require their sending to a special "bill recipient".
- New bank account (IBAN CH31 0483 5146 2769 0100 0, SWIFT CRESCHZZ80A, at Credit Suisse)
- Regarding the registry statements and priority documents:
1) The structure of the register extracts is no longer exactly the same. There is no longer a status at the time of registration;
2) Register statements and priority documents which do not require to be certified are now sent electronically by e-mail.
- The owner of the protected rights registered in the register will be informed if the register has changed due to the transfer of the intellectual property right or the registration of a licence.