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Feb 13, 2018 (Newsletter Issue 3/18)
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New Back Office Released Soon

EUIPO informs on its website that the new back Office will be introduced for the weekend February 24-25, 2018. During this time all online filing applications of the EUIPO website will remain accessible and users will be able to proceed normally with their applications. EUIPO’s customer service, technical, communication and operations teams will remain on hold to deal with any issues that may arise during and after the release. All communications will be channelled via the website and the Office’s Twitter account, @EU_IPO.

The release is part of the Office’s Strategic Plan and aims at the integration of all the IT systems used for managing EUIPO’s trade mark and design registration services. The ultimate outcome is to support all IP processes at the Office on a single platform in order to gain agility and flexibility and to form the backbone of a fully-fledged e-organisation. More than 400 examiners of the Office will benefit from this weekend’s release covering EUTM examination, opposition and Registered Community Design (RCD) invalidity.
The IP Tool programme started in 2016.

The first phases involved recordals, renewals and EUTM cancellation process. Later in 2018 the next phase will integrate all Madrid processes as well as RCD examination. The integration of appeal and litigation proceedings later in 2019 will bring the programme to a close.