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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Jan 01, 2011 (Newsletter Issue 1/11)
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New Regulations to Expedite TM Examination

In an attempt to expedite the slow processing of old pending trademarks applications which had been filed long time and not examined yet, the Trademark Office in Baghdad decided that examination procedures will be carried out in chronological order, not randomly, giving priority to old applications filed during or after the Iraqi War.

Meanwhile, the examination procedures have already started for the first group of applications bearing filing numbers (44000 to 45000), which are deemed to be completed. The second group of applications will begin shortly and so on for all remaining applications.

As a result, old applications filed early 2004 until 2007 are expected to be examined.

It is decided that recording change of owner's name or address will not be effected unless a notarized declaration or statement attesting this change is submitted and further legalized by the Iraqi Consulates/Embassies abroad. Accordingly, the already filed extracts from commercial registers proving these changes will not be accepted anymore and new notarized and legalized certificates are to be prepared.