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Mai 31, 2017 (Newsletter Issue 10/17)
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Arabic Language on Signboards Required

The provisions of Article 5 of Law no. 35 of 2015 for the protection of the Arabic language introduced in Jordan became enforceable as of September 1, 2016.

The Article allows for the use of a language on the signboards other than Arabic as long as the Arabic part appears in a much bigger font. The scales are not explicitly identified in the Law. Violations will be subject to fines ranging between USD 1,400 and USD 4,200.

Since use of a mark in Arabic will no longer be a matter of choice but a statutory requirement governed by local regulations, it is advisable to register the transliteration in the local script in addition to the registration in the Latin version.

Several commercial establishments have now received a warning for not including the Arabic rendition of their marks on the signboards.