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Apr 26, 2017 (Newsletter Issue 8/17)
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Phase II of DesignClass

The second European design convergence initiative reaches completion.

With this launch, Phase II of DesignClass builds on the earlier achievements to include:

1. The extended product indications classification – taxonomisation of the harmonised database of product indications, which divides Locarno sub-classes into groups and sub-groups to improve the intuitiveness of searches.
2. The association of images to product indications – enabling users to visualise the product indications and hence select the most appropriate to their needs.
3. The pairing of non-accepted with accepted product indications – ensuring that users are directed to the harmonised product indications that correspond to their design.
4. Validated translations of all product indications, variants and duplicates – translations have been thoroughly revised by IP Offices, EUIPO and external translation companies to minimise risk of disconformity in any EU language.
5. A harmonised workflow tool – an administrative module which allows all users of the application to propose updates to the harmonised database of product indications through a two-month long voting cycle.