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Apr 12, 2017 (Newsletter Issue 7/17)
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New IP Law Entered Into Force in Gambia

The current Industrial Property Act of Gambia entered into force on April 2, 2007. One of the changes brought in by the law was a 10 year renewal term, whereas the renewal term under the previous law was 14 years.

The transitional provisions of the 2007 Industrial Property Act state that all “old law” cases (i.e. all cases filed before April 2, 2007) must either be renewed within ten years of the new law coming into effect, (i.e. by April 2, 2017), or at the end of their current 14-year term, whichever period first expires. This applies not only to cases that were filed and completed under the 1916 Act, but also to those that were filed under the 1916 Act and were completed, or are still pending, under the new law. On renewal, the law also requires the application/registration to be re-classified from the old British to the International classification.

There is a six-month grace period for renewal, which will expire on October 2, 2017.

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Source: Spoor & Fisher, South Africa