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Feb 22, 2017 (Newsletter Issue 4/17)
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Madrid Goods & Services Manager with Latest Nice Classification Edition Aligned

WIPO announced that the Madrid Goods & Services Manager introduced several key updates which are summarised below:

Over 1,300 new terms
The Madrid Goods & Services Manager database includes the current Nice Classification, as well as other terms approved by WIPO and many IP Offices around the world. In addition to the 324 new terms introduced by the 11th edition of the Nice Classification, the updated database also contains over 1,000 additional new terms pre-approved by WIPO.
As a result of these updates, the database now offers over 61,000 English-language descriptions of goods and services for selection, as well as over 26,000 WIPO-approved English terms for those users who prefer to compile their list using the free-text entry function.

Modified class headings and explanatory notes
The new Madrid Goods & Services Manager fully integrates all modifications to 15 Class Headings and 22 Explanatory Notes introduced in the 11th edition of the Nice Classification, including the notable transfer to Class 21 of all types of serving utensils.

Class transfers
The transfer of serving utensils was just one of many class transfers introduced by the 11th edition of the Nice Classification, in conjunction with several additions, deletions and rephrased headings.

Participation by Canada
Madrid Goods & Services Manager now offers users the opportunity to check whether their list of terms (including those from the Nice Classification’s alphabetical list) will be accepted by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, an Office that does not currently participate in the Madrid System but plans to join the System in the coming years.

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