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Jan 11, 2017 (Newsletter Issue 1/17)
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Structure of Official Fees Revised Soon

The Philippine Intellectual Property Office (IPOPHL) will increase its official fees in order to rationalise and streamline its fee structure to make adjustments in order to address inflation and rising operational costs and expenses, as well as to support additional mandates and services, and other developmental programs/projects and advocacies; and further to reduce or abolish redundant fees.

The new official fee for filing a trademark application will be PHP 1,200 for small entities and PHP 2,592 for big entities per each class. The publication fee will be PHP 900 for small entities and PHP 960 for big entities.

'Big entity' is any natural or juridical persone whose assets are worth more than one hundred million Pesos or any natural or juridical person which do not fall under the catecory of a small entity. 'Small entity' refers to any natural or juridical person whose assets are worth not more than one hundred million Pesos or any entity, agency, office, bureau or unit of the Philippine government including government-owned or controlled coroporations, state universities and colleges and government-owned or government-run schools.

The revised fee structure will be effective January 1, 2017.

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Source: Platon Martinez Flores San Pedro & Leaño, The Philippines