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Dez 06, 2016 (Newsletter Issue 22/16)
Russian Federation
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Trademark Opposition System Considered

In June 2016, the Russian Patent Office (PTO) announced the beginning of public discussions on the introduction of the trademark opposition system in Russia. The main goal is to shorten the trademark registration process from the current 12-18 month period to 6-12 months.

The proposed trademark opposition procedure stipulates that, once a trademark application is received, the Russian PTO conducts a formal examination on absolute grounds within 3 months of receiving the application and if no absolute grounds for refusal are found, the application is published so that third parties can file oppositions, within the next 3 months.

If nobody objects to the application, the registration process continues; if an opposition is filed and the parties fail to reach an agreement within 6 months, the examiner considers the opposition and issues the final decision.

The current trademark legislation already provides for certain elements of the opposition procedure, as anyone may file a written notice against any published application before the issuance of the final decision.

The public discussion on the new procedure is still ongoing.